Keep it Simple

Simplicity is a sweet thing, wouldn’t you agree? Running with no mp3 player… reading a book… walking down the street… the bold “red” of a Spring tulip… simple. Sweet. Uncomplicated. As you’ve probably noticed, this blog has undergone the “simple” treatment.

I want the focus to be where it should be: on the images. So, I’m keepin’ it simple and takin’ it slow, one step at a time. Comments and thoughts are more than welcome. Peace and love to you.

2010: A Year in Review

I am eternally grateful for all the lessons life teaches me.  I am truly grateful for the beauty and love that blesses every day of my life. What a gift it is to live and to experience life.

I’ve posted some of my favorite photographic moments in order to reminisce and be thankful for everything I experienced and saw over the 365 day span as a photographer in 2010. The recognized beauty of life is something with which to be eternally thankful. Even more so, my job allows me to connect with people and I am forever grateful for being able to contribute artistically to the lives of others.

Sydney + Senior Glam

Sydney and I spent two rainy afternoons taking some very natural but glamourous photos in and around rural Dothan. The clouds kept a blanket between us and the scorching sun which helped us keep our cool and have a good time without sweating to death. Sydney was a trooper, carrying an essence of natural beauty and presenting it so well on and off camera. And I know I say this a lot, she was also so ridiculously EASY to photograph!

oh, the joys of spring

Spring is just around the corner (and trust me, I’m itching just as bad as you to get outside and play) so book your photo session now because my calendar is filling up fast. Also, visit for an updated 2010 pricelist. I may post them here on my blog sometime this afternoon.

Have a beautiful sunshine day.

NPF Photography Competition 2009

Hello dear friends.

I need your help in choosing which photos to enter into the Dothan National Peanut Festival Photography Competition. No, this is not a joke. There is such a thing as a peanut festival and yes, the winner gets some money.

Truthfully, it’s about heritage. Roots and all. I do come from the peanut capital of the world even though I currently live in the land of cheese and honey.