pigeons on the gate + house show

Pigeons on the Gate is an Irish folk band based in Switzerland, but if you ask them, they’ll probably tell you they’re Irish. Their translations of the traditional Irish melodies create dynamic shows that are outrageously fun, fronted by a band that is booming with talent. I was invited to join these guys at the front man’s housewarming/album release show, and it was such a good time. I/we all had so much fun and I couldn’t stop moving! For the slower folk songs, the fiddles turned to violins and we were invited to calm down with the melodic flutes and chilling vocals. That was the only time I felt it appropriate to grab a glass of wine and actually watch the show instead of poking my camera everywhere.

The instrumental songs invoked feelings of dancing down a dimly-lit street in Dublin at midnight, catching the last rhythms resonating from the pubs. I was reminded of home in the deep south, the current of my own heritage’s rich music’s history making it’s way through my roots and veins.

After hearing these guys live and sitting for an hour or two with their newly released album, “Last Night’s Craic”, I’ve come to the conclusion that each song tells its own tale, making it a collection that gives a rather generous glimpse into the heart of Ireland.

If you have a moment, check them out at www.pigeonsonthegate.com.

pigeons on the gate

Roger, Lajescha, Rebecca, Simon, Jérémie, and Isabelle. This is Pigeons on the Gate. Traditional and original Irish folk music that speaks softly and carries a big stick. This is what happens when talented people, who don’t take themselves too seriously, come together and do what they do best: play. These are some promo photos from a shoot we did a couple days ago. Shooting bands is something I really enjoy because it combines the worlds of music and photography, two things I happen to love doing.

You can see them play live 11:00AM Saturday, April 10th, My Place in Zürich, or visit their website at  http://www.myspace.com/pigeonsonthegate.