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Cape Town, South Africa

Days like this I enjoy feeling the movement towards creativity. I spent a good part of the morning in my favorite local coffee shop soaking up the freedom of the day and reflecting on the past four weeks that have seriously been some of the most enriching and challenging weeks of my life. Friendships have formed so quickly, and I know that a family has formed… the kind of family that is bound for life. The flipside of that is the guarantee that it will hurt deeply to leave. Thank goodness I’m three steps from the ocean most of the time so I can float into the peace and soak in the present. There’s something holy about being submerged in living, breathing, ice-cold water.

We have been doing so much traveling since I arrived in late August.  I want to photograph every bush, every tree, every wildflower! It’s Spring here so everything is in bloom. Twice now we’ve driven the famous Garden Route to Jeffries Bay, stopping along the way for surfing and various other “wow” factor shots needed for the film. Because of security reasons it’s been quite a challenge to bring my camera with me to all the locations where we are shooting. I’ve been advised not to walk around with an expensive camera around my neck even in very touristy places, so I am extra careful when I want to shoot. More often I just bring my phone and snap shots with Instagram to save the hassle of lugging around a bulky DSLR, but when beckoned, I can’t leave my baby behind. South Africa has truly stolen my heart and I hope these photos can convey why. It’s really about the beauty and the people in this place.

Ashley - October 1, 2012 - 6:49 pm

aw Rach, I am so in love with how much you love South Africa, I knew it would steal your heart. It has a way like that, like the song, She has a way!! Your photos are so alive. They are beautiful and embody so much of the incredible country side you are getting to see. Maybe we can meet there someday and laugh and share a drink or two! Wouldn’t that be BLISS!! love you….. MASH

Annesti - December 11, 2012 - 2:51 pm

Hey Rachel
(me again) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING South Africa SOUND SO GREAT! So many people get the wrong impression and see only parts of my beautiful country. :( you truly capture the beauty of parts of SA! Thank you!

Ivor Mumford - May 11, 2014 - 8:10 am

Thank you for reminding us how beautiful and soul restoring our home is!
I think it’s time to give my best friend (AKA my wife 4 life) that special “you know what i am thinking look” throw a few things into a bag & head out along the Garden Route & Klein Karoo :-)

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