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Timon + Ursula | Wedding

Summer is upon us. This is a beautiful thing for many reasons. One, the gray winter fog which seems to encapsulate Winterthur for months at a time has lifted and most of the days include some or mostly sunshine. While rain is a necessary and sometimes beautiful thing as well, I am happy to see the seasons are changing. Two, so many lovebirds marry this time of year which is always a joy for the atmosphere (and for me because I love what I do!).

As we enter into the wedding season, I am happy to present to you a lovely couple I had the pleasure of photographing in the Winter first for their engagement and now, their wedding. They kept me laughing the whole afternoon, and I’m sure Ursula thought I was crazy at some point because I kept checking the shots and making loud grunts because of how amazing they looked!

Timon and Ursula, please never stop laughing at and with each other. It’s the perfect medicine. Thank you for allowing me to share part of this day with you both. It was beautiful.

Matt Anderson - May 7, 2012 - 11:38 pm

Very nice images Rachel! I especially like the shot where his hand is up near her neck (sounds creepy but looks great), and I really like the back-to-back pose. Great work!

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