M Family

Let me introduce to you the M family. Catching one of the last warm summer days, we met along the water in Pfäffikon for our session. This was such a fun and sweet shoot, especially because they bought me ice-cream when we were finished.

The kids played, fished, and didn’t seem to mind my camera in their face too much. It was a good time. Thank you M Family for inviting me to shoot you guys to mark a moment in your families’ time together. It was also nice to hang out for a little bit! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and will remember working with that American photographer that one day at the water when the kids are older.

2 Replies to “M Family”

  1. I love the pictures of the boys with the sunglasses! I bet this shoot was a blast. I can’t wait to take my boys fishing…..when I’m positive that the middle child isn’t going to go leaping in the water.

  2. Great shots as usual. My favorite is the last one. They are such a nice looking family! I know you had a good time on this one.

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