Raphael + Autumn Afternoon

The season of the senses has arrived. We were given a beautiful autumn afternoon in Winterhur last week and a more than willing Raphael let me shoot him in his backyard as the sun went down. I loved his green autumn sweater and the scrape on his chin. I loved the way he put his hands in his pockets and how he gave me contemplative looks like a small man instead of a child.

I could tell the light was already changing with the season, introducing my camera to the coming cool nights and early sunsets. I look forward to the falling leaves, the pumpkins, the smell of cinnamon and clove, and of course the invitations to drink spiced wine and eat my favorite Appenzeller fondue.

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  1. Wooowww!! Rachel!! Your pictures are just GREAT!! AWESOME!!! Oh and Raphael is the sweetest one! I’m so glad that he forgave me for calling his beloved donkey “horsey”. He just looked serious at me when I said: “Hi Raphael and oh hi Horsey!”- “That’s not Horsey, that’s Donkey!” oohhhh I was soooo sorry! LOL!!

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