Jonathan + Manuela | Part Two

Weeping willows by the River Rhein, perfect high 70’s weather with a sunshine and a light breeze… laughter and happy tears… sacred love…all in one glorious day. Manuela was a relaxed and elegant bride from the first application of eyeliner to the bouquet-toss at the reception. They had no idea what was planned for the day after the ceremony, so it was exciting to watch them see what their maid of honor and best man had planned. In the late afternoon, we all piled in for boat ride up the Rhein with the entire wedding party. It relaxing and certainly enjoyable for me, someone who loves anything to do with water. I had to remind myself that I was actually working!

We had special permission to shoot the bride and grooms’ romantic shots in what I thought looked like a secret garden tucked away in the city of Schaffhausen. The light was perfect, and so were my lovely subjects, so in turn the photos are some of my favorites from the entire day.

Jonathan and Manuela, may you both live a rich, love-filled life that grows deeper each day together. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a momentous day.

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  1. Each time I browse your photos I think to myself, “She’s not going to be able to top the last set.” And I am proven wrong again and again. You never cease to amaze me. These are magnificent. I want to get married again just to have pictures…and also to have my own water bottles. However, I don’t use water bottles because of the excess of plastic…so water jugs. People can carry around personalized 1 gallon water jugs.
    Also, I noticed the pastries immediately, and want to know EXACTLY what they were made of. They looked delicious.
    I bet that being a part of one of the biggest chapters in in someone’s life is really special. You pull it off with amazing flare!

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