Valentina + Michael | Part One

I think it’s so cool that people who marry in Switzerland (myself included) often have two weddings: first, the civil/legal wedding where documents are signed and nerves are calmed and second, the pretty party with the dress, the church, the written vows, or in some cases the ringing of cow bells, and the fun! Michael & Valentina were focused on the most important thing yesterday for their “engagement session”, each other. (They technically still qualified for that title even though their “civil wedding” was an hour after our shoot.) We had a lot of fun on the historic old town of Olten, Switzerland, and I very much look forward to their wedding in the St. Urban Monastery this coming weekend.

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  1. These are dreamy. I love the “Italy” feel of the town. The old world charm is amazing. I also loved the specks of red amidst the sea of neutral in the lamppost picture.

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