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I am honored to be given the opportunity to tell someone’s story with an image, and I find it equally challenging and rewarding to do so. I am not often hired to take head shots or put a subject on a stool in a studio (although those things are completely fine and useful for many people) and depending on the weather, the sun, and the client, golden hour sessions can be an incredible tool to capture the essence of a person and their radiant uniqueness.

I know I often talk about how “special” portrait sessions are, (perhaps I’m sometimes the only one who feels special) and I suppose I could use a thesaurus and find another word, but the reality is that my initiative during a portrait session is to capture a person as they are. In this case, I believe I have only scratched the surface of who Andrea truly is. I met her a couple of years ago when she was handing out delicious produce from Israel at our church (I know, because I ate some) ¬†and since then I have heard her sing notes of perfection, I have watched children gravitate to her, and I’ve performed in a musical with her. I have also been the recipient of many hugs from her which speaks strongly of her spirit in a country where hugging is generally not the method of showing love. After all, her last name is literally “Sunshine” (in German, of course.) Thank you Andrea for giving me this opportunity to show who you are, beautifully you, the best I could.

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