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I haven’t seen swan babies since I was a little girl, but these brave little ducklings ventured out into the lake right as we were walking on a bridge at the Pfäffikersee. Quite appropriate scenery for a family and children photo-session, I’d agree. Everything about the setting fit perfectly with this family. The dreamy sun made our afternoon session very enjoyable while they played and laughed in the tall grass along the water. I’m pretty sure I was a mere tree in the background as far as the kids were concerned. They were very expressive and excited about everything going on around them, so I was able to steal mom and dad away for a few romance shots in the amber light. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up and show some love near a lake with baby swans?

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  1. Oh, my goodness. These are gorgeous. I love love them! What a beautiful couple & sweet sweet family. Oh, I bet they love them!!! Rachel… the word is about to be out!!! You are going to be the one who shows Switzerland the beauty of photography!

    And the last photo of the boats!!! OH MY!!!!!

  2. These are AMAZING!!!!! I can’t believe you were able to capture the swans. That made this set even more perfect. The little boy’s face cracked. Me. UP! I bet that its incredibly relaxing to shoot in such tranquil settings. You are FANTASTIC!

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