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It’s about a ten minute drive from my house to the the lush country side where sheep graze and farmers grow a variety of things whether it be corn or cows. The landscapes reveal areas of freshly cut grass and patches where endangered wild orchids grow alongside clovers and giant dandelions. I would make this trip on a daily basis if it weren’t for gas prices, but luckily I could make the trip to photograph a family living in the region and take advantage of this “typical Swiss” scenery.

He is an commercial pilot and she is a professional florist, and while they watched their little girl play alone on a blanket, she looked at him and said, “We made that.”

With their backs to the sun and smiles on their face, Lea, Christian, and their daughter Juliette played in a field of wildflowers while I photographed their sweet moments. I wouldn’t change a thing about this session… it was truly perfect. They were all so in love with each other, and it shows. What a gift to have caught a glimpse into the spirit of this family.

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  1. Rachel – these are beautiful! I have known this great little family for some years and see how you just captured the essence of each one of them! great work!

  2. Juliette, my husband but especially I were very nervous about that photo shooting. The weather was not very stabil and the evening before it was raining and the clouds were covering up the sun. Additionally to that we were dressing up the first time for this kind of manner.
    But that evening the sun seemed to shine forever and Rachel took away all our fear and supported us perfectly.
    Juliette, who needs normally some time to get to know someone, was playing with Rachel and forgot totally about the camera.
    We had a beautiful time and felt very strong as a family.

    Thank you Rachel! You didn’t just make photos, but capturing our souls in a shine of light!

  3. Rachel, you have out-done yourself once again. I love how you can create a stunning, incredibly personalized glimpse into an individual or a family’s life. Every photo shoot is so special and tells a lovely story!

  4. Rachel – Wow. Beautiful family. Gorgeous lighting. Stunning photos. Straight out of a fairy tale DREAM! Great job! Hope you and your family are well!

  5. One of the things I have always loved about you is your ability to see beauty when others are rushing through life striving to arrive somewhere. Dad

  6. These may be the best comments I have ever read on a blog. What a compliment from Lea… wow. And your Dad, that is beautiful… and so true.

    Thanks for sharing Rachel!

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