Beat + Sonja | Wedding

2011 is proving to be an exciting year for my photography-life (a new word inspired by words like love-life and spiritual-life, etc.) Sonja and Beat’s wedding was especially lovely on so many levels. What I mean is the power of the bond between these two people made it obvious that capturing their affections on camera would be no problem.  I loved watching the love and respect they both had for their parents while the day progressed, both cherishable and rare gifts. Sonja was all smiles while Beat had a stomach full of butterflies.

They met on a sailboat, and last Saturday in the small mountain town of Bergün, Beat & Sonja committed their love to one another in front of a quaint gathering of friends and family. The apero and dinner took place at the historic “Jugendstil” hotel Kurhaus Bergün. (Art Nouveau in English) I’ve said many times that I am a perpetual lover of weddings, and once again I was blessed to walk away from the wedding feeling like I’ve taken a piece of that Love home with me.

I should also note that this first image design was inspired by the talented Stephanie Williams of Stephanie Williams Photography, specifically her RUCHE Spring lookbook.

Hair & Makeup: Roberto Giulio

Flowers: Rebekka Ackermann of “Blumen Lotus” Wettswil

Beats suit: Sunitasuits

Sonja’s gown: Sporer Brautmode, Winterthur

Catering: Kurhaus Bergün

8 Replies to “Beat + Sonja | Wedding”

  1. SERIOUSLY EPIC! gorgeous photography!!!!

    the image of them kissing in the church? best photograph ever ever ever!

    love the location too! stunning and captured perfectly! great job rach!!!

  2. Rachel these are beautiful! They look like shots from a movie set. I love the one where she is standing in front of the window …and I am with Mandi on the kissing in the church photo. I also love the earrings in the flowers! Who does that?? You are so creative!

  3. These pictures of absolutely stunning! I think everyone’s favorite is the kissing church scene. And I am with your mom on the earrings in the flowers! You are amazing girl, don’t ever think less 🙂 Keep doing what you love and using the talent God has blessed you with the enrich other’s lives through your work. You’re awesome! Love you.

  4. These are majestic. They are ethereal. You brought me close to tears with this shoot. You extracted the love that these two obviously feel for each other. Bravo! You are fantastic.

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