Walking on Sunshine in Seen | Personal

Oh sun, you’ve found me amongst this winter gray and awakened my soul.

Most would agree that life tastes sweeter with sunshine, no? And, the icing on the life cake is a family that laughs and plays freely in the open air.  This afternoon was filled with a sweet visit from my brother-in-law, his wonderfully pregnant wife and their three kids. We went on a quick walk through where Gabriel and I frequent the woods or the fields that surround our village, and with this warmer weather I’ve been wanting to shoot outside as much as possible. I’m sure the trees are confused, but here is a glimpse of the little whisper of Spring amongst this Swiss February.

I really do love photographing the world.

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  1. Very nice Rachel. I am glad you are getting out in the sunshine. There are lots of beautiful photos out there just waiting to be taken! My favorite is the gate…love it!

  2. Rachel you are incredible and I decided you can do my wedding pictures if that day ever comes 🙂 You inspire me and I love seeing what the Lord has gifted you with. I feel and see Him in all you do bless you! 😀

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