Everage Family

After a few months pass and I get to organizing everything, I sometimes get the itch to go through photos from past sessions and play with them in a totally new way. And sometimes I find photos that are completely new and it’s like, “wow, I don’t remember this one!”

Back in June, a sweet mother of two approached me about taking photos of her family. She wanted to break out of the studio bubble and take a chance on some natural light photography, and bravo to her for doing so! These photos really tell the story of the relationship between this sweet family.  I just recently revisited the session and realized I never blogged about it!  Here I am, almost six months later showing you how these blonde-headed cutie-pies charmed both me and my camera.

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  1. Hey Rachel,

    Every time I see these pictures, it brings tears to my eyes. Oh how I wish they could stay little forever. Your photography is so amazing!!! We had such a great time with you. Hayden says she wants to do it all over again!! Hope to see you early next year.

    Angie Everage

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