Ah, fair Verona! Northern Italy Photography

We hadn’t planned on going to Italy. When Colleen and Kasey began planning their European vacation, Paris was on their minds. I have personally never been to Paris, so I was ready to jump on the wagon and go with them. Well, as they sometimes do, plans changed and Paris was no longer an option for various reasons. Because the girls were intent on traveling to as many countries as possible, we spontaneously decided it would be a good idea to drive to Verona, Italy in our 98′ Peugot, a mere 6 hour drive in mild traffic, located between Milan and Venice. Gabriel put his work aside for the weekend and came with us, awesome for me. Italy, husband, sweater weather, American lady friends, pizza and sunshine… it doesn’t get more “ideal” than that.

We brought our walking boots and spent an entire weekend exploring Verona, a city known as Shakespeare’s inspiration for writing Romeo & Juliet, a couple that may or may not have existed. Verona has one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters, the third largest in all of Italy, known as the Arena di Verona. Yep, gladiators fought there. We had a brief but delightful encounter with the romantic city and headed back to Winterthur on Sunday afternoon.

I also must mention that the lovely Kasey Brennan took some of the photos in this blog, but I cannot be sure as to which ones since we were all sharing cameras over the trip. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and don’t forget to continue checking for more updates. Ciao beautiful friends!

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  1. Beautiful,,,just beautiful! I love the one with close up of the brick road with the light shining at the top of the arch. It is hard to say which is my favorite. I have chosen to live through your lens. Thanks.

  2. I’ve looked at these before, but I had to reminisce tonight! You are such a lovely photographer and captured Verona just as I remember it! Perfectly enchanted! Miss you dearly!

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