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Man oh man, I had no idea how busy one summer could be! Being back in Alabama is so different from my home in Switzerland because of all the things to do and the people to see. Time has passed so quickly because of it, and now here I am a month late on posting my summer sessions. Tis the season to take lots of photos! I’ve finally had some time to post some of my favorites from Colleen’s Vanity Fair themed golden hour session taken in June. Personally speaking, this is some of my favorite work to date, and I have Colleen and the sun to thank for that.

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  1. I am in love with the art of your photography. I think that the way you use your lighting and colors, whether they are vivid, neutral or black and white demonstrates your vibrant imagination. I also love the fact that you have strayed from the norm in family portraits. Most photographers place their subjects in really cookie cutter positions. (you know, where the family is looking slightly off to the side of the camera, as if something amusing is happening in that direction) Your ability to capture candid and genuine life like moments is incredible, not to mention your ability to get the children to sit still and stay focused long enough to snap the picture! THAT is talent! If you only get better from here, then you I am sure that you will be one of the most sought after photographers around! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. p.s. I didn't mean for that last comment to sound like you need to get better! What I really mean is tht if we only grow in life…then I can't imagine what you're going to do next!

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