Donat + Myriam | Pure Romance

The weather finally warmed up enough for me to shoot outside in these vibrant spring colors. It was very eye-pleasing to see Myriam and Donat dressed in very Spring-like gentle pastels for their engagement session, and we drove to a nice spot in Stein am Rhine to shoot near the river at sundown. The monk in charge was kind enough to let us shoot some photos on the Kloster (monastery) grounds which seemed to have exploded with blooming trees and flowers. Myriam and Donat have a love story very similar to me and my husband’s, and it was sweet to see them interact together with a rare gentleness. Their love truly stands out. Plus, the pictures turned out amazing which I can attribute only to their willingness to be themselves and have fun.

2 Replies to “Donat + Myriam | Pure Romance”

  1. okay, everyone calm down. that was the best shoot of your life. you're about to get famous. sriously… SO PROUD OF YoU!!!!!

  2. These pictures are absolutely wonderful! You captured these two beautiful people perfectly! My compliments!

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