the brilliant naemi

“New” is the word of the day. Other words like, “waiting” and “frigid cold” have also frequented my vocabulary as of late, so while I wait and take baby steps, I continue with what I know: photographing people. It is not ideal to work with someone in uncomfortable weather conditions, for the subject or for the shooter, but when the weather is never anything but uncomfortable, and a photo must be made, then in the snow we go. This photo-shoot was spontaneous and fun! White on white can be magic in itself, so I set out to use my surroundings to my advantage. The snow will melt in a month, the trees with bombard us with color, and I’m certain this blog will be overflowing with delicious photo goodies and sunshine! However, as most artists find ways to make something from not much, right now I have to work with what I’ve got.

These are a few shots from my portrait session with Naemi, a beautiful and dear friend of mine who not only shines brilliantly on camera, but adds a certain luminance to my life as well. People like her make being a photographer easy and joyous. Thank you Naemi for a tremendous time and for these beautiful, radiant images that speak of your soul.

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