NPF Photography Competition 2009

Hello dear friends.

I need your help in choosing which photos to enter into the Dothan National Peanut Festival Photography Competition. No, this is not a joke. There is such a thing as a peanut festival and yes, the winner gets some money.

Truthfully, it’s about heritage. Roots and all. I do come from the peanut capital of the world even though I currently live in the land of cheese and honey.

10 Replies to “NPF Photography Competition 2009”

  1. My picks would be numbers 4 (with the autumn tree and the path in the snow) and 5 (with the solid rock facing with cascading water). They are all beautiful, though!

  2. I love love love the second to last picture-the one where you are looking down over the town. I was drawn to it when I was looking through your landscape pictures before. I also love the autumn tree with the path in the snow (4) and my third would be the black and white of the shed in the snow although I really love the one with the little yellow flowers and the blue sky…so hard to pick! 🙂


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